Botanica del Suono

Botanica del Suono -


Botany of Sound is an ongoing research project by Dileo, immersing into the symbiotic connection between sound, AI and the biotech realm. This creative exploration orchestrates a symphony, transcending conventional boundaries to form a contemporary bestiarum—a living ecosystem where music, technology, and nature converge. Utilizing diverse media, including sound compositions, photography, ready-made objects, and art installations, the research probes nature and futuristic, more-than-human landscapes through the lens of sound. Merging technology and art, the project merges AI-generated prints with handmade sketches, crafting a syllabus of dystopian plants and flowers. Like nature providing oxygen, sound emerges as sources of well-being. The resulting book serves as an illustrated guide to these fictional flora, prompting contemplation on a sensory journey through a garden that harmonizes artificial and organic elements, stimulating both visual and auditory senses within the wonders of the natural world. Botany of Sound, (2023 – ongoing). AI generated images based on archive material and sketches.